by Costume Artist, David Ramsay
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Sophitia Alexandra from Soul Calibur

The challenge of this character, was to design her costume "at rest" verses jumping into the air.  All references for this character showed her in action.  The CG character's design also posed a challenge, because of the incredibly rich surface textures.  While this took the "guesswork" out of fabric and material selection, finding the right match was a successful reward.

A variety of fabrics and materials, including embossed "snakeskin", were used to create visual texture.  With Sophitia, we explored a "rough vs. smooth" theme.  The continuous, blue design on the skirt was carefully appliquéd.

Nice detail of the brooches and shoulder armor.

Ultra-Suede, form fit laced boot covers.

Forearm guards, custom prop sword and shield.

Since Sophitia is a warrior, we wanted to give her weapons a "roughness", due to battle experience.

The whole ensemble.


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